Our production engineering is located in south Brazil, in a German/Italian furniture colony called Novo Hamburgo.

The Fredymade architectural products technology was all created and developed by the designer Frederico Feijó.

We produce and CUSTOMIZE in 100% pure and durable epoxy resin: table tops, wall panels and doors!

Our technics allow to manufacture in ANY KIND OF color, design, lateral format, relief, thickness, size, finish (mirrored/gloss or matte) and brand (logo).

We create and display your logo on ANY SURFACE, no matter how many colors, design or finish!

Specific and unique projects are developed for the civil construction and architecture/design markets.

One of our main focuses is to serve the needs of our customers - Hotels, Resorts, Condominiums, Restaurants, Country Clubs, Night Clubs, Apartments, Luxury Brands, Sport Teams, Religious Symbols, Country Flags, Professional Offices, Corporations, Car Brands, Architectural Projects and more!

All of our products are seamless and considered lifelong, cause when scratched the surface, sanding and polishing is enough to fix it as a new one!

The epoxy resin is a raw material infinitely superior to wood and lacquer, due to its finish, versatility and durability!

The table tops are reversible and seamless, such as double-sided doors.